I am an avid knitter (ask my husband), renewed sewist and sometimes crocheter. I enjoy getting pretty skeins of yarn that I find in yarn shops. The fun begins when I match up with the perfect pattern that will bring out the best qualities of the yarn (colors, drape, form, etc.). Sometimes this works…other times, not so much and then I rip it out and try another pattern. I attempted weaving, but decided it’s not for me. 😦 But a serger has created a renewed interest in sewing, so I’m starting to do that a bit now, too. I’ve recently started designing one-skein and stash-busting patterns. You can see my original knitting pattern designs in my Ravelry store. I also sell my beautiful handmade accessories in my Etsy store.

Monday through Friday, I work in a mid-sized law firm in Kansas City as a paralegal. It’s a good job, good folks, decent pay. My hubby works as well, but his hours are varied leaving me some time to sit and knit/sew/crochet or surf the web for knitting/sewing/crocheting ideas.

As I was sitting and surfing, or sitting and knitting and surfing, I thought, “What about a blog about knitting?” Realistically, I wasn’t sure if anyone even cared about a blog that I would write about knitting, but thought if I kept the costs low and just did it in the event someone would find it remotely interesting or helpful, then maybe it would be worth it. And, as long as I enjoy it and someone is interested, I’ll keep it up!

To keep it interesting, I thought I’d post on the following things:

Knitting / sewing / crochet projects
Pattern designs / designers
Knitting /sewing / crochet tips
Yarns / Yarn dyers / Yarn companies
Knitting / sewing / crocheting gadgets and tools
Random thoughts about pretty much anything
I’ll continue to post bits about weaving if I see something interesting or pretty!

Hopefully, this will keep us entertained, informed or at least somewhat amused.


OSKnits on white





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