Illusion knitting

I just finished an illusion knit scarf as a gift for a skull-loving friend. This was the first time I’ve tried an illusion knit, also known as shadow knitting. It’s just knit and purl stitches!


Illusion knitting is so named because when the piece is seen straight-on, the design is mostly hidden.


But viewed at an angle, the image reveals itself!

I love how this turned out! The free pattern, Mark’s Skull Illusion Scarf, can be downloaded from Ravelry here. My pattern notes are here.

I wanted to include a hat, so I used another free Ravelry pattern, Shortrows Sideways Hat (downloadable from Ravelry here).


It was close enough to match the stripes of the scarf, I think. I topped it with a pom pom. My project notes are here.

I think he’ll be pleasantly surprised by this cool knitting technique!

Have you tried illusion knitting?




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