Zomboni Test Knit

Just finished another test knit for Casapinka, Zomboni.

Casapinka’s pattern, Zomboni, is a one-skein shawl, favoring variegated yarns. I wanted this one to be pretty awesome, so I pulled a lovely skein of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere from my stash:

image_medium (1)

Isn’t it just lovely?


It is 400 yds of fingering weight yarn. Colorway: The Watering Hole.


The pattern is interesting without being too complicated. Once I got into the groove, the 10 row repeat went rather quickly.

image_medium2 (1)

I could watch tv and have real conversations with hubby. This would make a great stitch night knit.

image_medium2 (2)

It also works up quickly. I only worked on it in the evenings and parts of the weekend and finished it in 5 days.

image_medium2 (3)

The yarn is an absolute dream to work with. Cashmere is so soft and luxurious!

image_medium2 (5)

The shape is a long boomerang which makes it drape securely. Will be fantastic for the fall and winter months! (And spring and summer in cotton or linen, if you prefer!)

image_medium2 (4)

Casapinka has another test knit for me in the wings. Off to stash dive for TWO skeins for that project!

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